Accountability is not a partisan value, it is an American value.
Finchem must be recalled.

State Representative Finchem has failed to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona, and to faithfully discharge the duties of his office. State Representative Finchem played a role in the January 6th attacks on our nation’s Capitol. His ties to domestic terrorist organizations and his continued attempts to spread conspiracy theories threaten the safety of Americans and do not represent the people of District 11. State Representative Finchem is not our enemy, but his actions have undermined some of the most sacred institutions of our democracy. We are here to make right what State Representative Finchem has made wrong and for that, he should be held accountable to the voters of Legislative District 11 by recall.

Together, we must …

Recall Representative Mark Finchem.

The AZ House of Representatives will not expel Representative Finchem, therefore we have officially filed the petition to recall. We initiated the recall on March 10th and have 120 days to collect 24,775 valid signatures from LD11 voters. This would put the recall election on the November 2021 ballot.

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“What happens when the People feel they have been ignored …”

After weeks of spreading disproven lies about the 2020 election, Rep. Mark Finchem tweeted that “We need all hands on deck” to “fight for President Trump” and urged his followers to join him at the US Capitol on January 6th at 10:00 am

Then, well after the Capitol was breached, Rep. Finchem posted a photo of rioters on the steps of the Capitol with a warning that this is “What happens when the People feel they have been ignored …”